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Cesta ke svobode

2019, exterior mapping show, National Museum in Prague, a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet revolution. 

The Slovak National Uprising

2019, Banska Bystrica (SK), exterior mapping show, celebration of the Slovak National Uprising. 

Volební debata

2019, National Museum in Prague, interior mapping for the TV broadcast.

Videomapping - National Museum

2018, exterior mapping show on the National Museum in Prague. Celebration of the 100 years of Czechoslovakia.

Czech Scientists Awards

2016, interior mapping, history and present of the Czech Science.

New Citroën launch

2016, object mapping, Citroën C3 Launch.

Press release here.

Ice Hockey World Championship

Opening ceremony

2015, opening ceremony, mapping on the ice. 

Photos from event | Video 1

Zeitgeist Symbiosis Berlin

Object mapping, with JAD Pro. 

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Querrilla marketing using a powerful mobile projector.

Athens Zappeion

360°mapping show for International Hotel Group Company.

Photos from event

Jaroměřice Chateau video mapping

2012, exterior mapping show on set to Bernstein’s Mass.

Press release here.

Photos from event | Video 1

Troja palace video mapping

2011, Prague - Troja, large mapping show

Press release here.

Photos from event

Video mapping on Panna Marie Sněžná Church

2015, exterior video mapping on Panna Marie Sněžné church in Prague. Beatification of several Franciscan martyrs.

Photos from event

Table mapping

2015, object mapping show on dining tables.

Photos from event | Video 1

Volkswagen Passat launch

2015, object mapping, Volkswagen Passat launch.

Street Art Festival

an old post office building

2009, Prague, an old post office building exterior mapping.

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