Developing apps. Integrating technology. Creating design.

Fixed and short-term interactive installation.


BB Centroom


2019, fixed installation for the developer´s group Passerinvest.

Interior mapping, object mapping, control panel.

Digital Signage Presentation


2019, we presented interactive installations for retail, showroom & pop-up store. 


Unipetrol expo presentation

2018, interactive installation for Unipetrol. 


Cycling Race in Rio de Janeiro


2016, Multiplayer cycling race. VR Gear application created for VISA.


Noah's Ark Expozition

2016, National Museum in Prague, an interactive educational application.

European parks exhibition


2016, National museum in Prague, interactive educational installation.

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Car Control - Mercedes Sprinter

2015, remote control of the car system features via Special Multitouch Table.

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