Music performance enhanced by visuals balancing mood, lighting and music to generate a comprehensive atmosphere. We can help create onthe tour concept, we develop graphics and animations, and we integrate lights, music, video and special effects into a compact visual show. 


Gods and Kings Worldtour 2016

VIVALDIANNO – The City of Mirrors

World tour of an amazing multimedia show with 3D illusion elements

A large orchestra, which covers classical as well as art-rock instrumentation, occupies the stage between large-format projections to the front and rear. Paired with complex and sophisticated light design that utilizes cutting-edge technologies, this gives the audience an unparalleled musical experience in the third dimension. Graphic and animation by Kosuke Sugimoto.


Photos from event | Video 1

Lucie Band Tour

Fully synchronized multimedia show

Stage design Martin Hruška, photo Michal Szozda

Photos from event

Clarinet factory

Videomapping in National technical museum

Noise poison music festival

3D hologram water wall projection at the music festival

Press release here and here.

Photos from event

Pražský výběr tour

Photos from event

Dance Music Transmission

Dance Music venue, show control by XLAB, sound sync, video, lights, lasers and pyro

VJs: Vision Impossible


| Video 1