We develop the concept and then design and program interactive applications involving imaging and music technology. We work with museums, exhibitions, corporate presentations, educational content and TV contests.

Czech Design Week

Interactive experience

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Hi-Tech imitation of X-Rays developed for car presentations

Hi-tech imitation of X-Rays exposing equipment and accessories that is not visible at first sight from the outside. 

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National Museum Prague - Planet

Noah's Ark Exhibition, an interactive educational application

Press release here.

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National Museum Prague European parks

Educational application showing Europe´s national parks

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Human joystick

Objects on the screen controlled by movement of people´s hands


Laser Net

An interactive music application for one or more players

Laser Tresor

Action-style obstacle course

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An interactive music application for one or more players

Photos from event

AR photo studio

Interactive entertainment with augmented reality components

Software application using defined and existing objects or markers and adding digitaly created objects.

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Car Control - Mercedes Sprinter

Remote control of the car system features via Special Multitouch Table

• You can use this medium to present the car’s fittings and accessories in detail with descriptions, photos and videos.

• The content you are viewing on the display is mirrored in real time and displayed on the main projection screen, making it visible for the whole audience.

Special features: This application can switch lights off and on, adjust mirrors, and control the alarm and other operations (which are accessible by Lexus CAN system) in real time. 

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