A growing number of customers are looking for a way to impress their audiences, and we are able to provide solutions quickly and at the highest level of technology and design. We develop comprehensive audiovisual concepts for company presentations and corporate events. We apply show technologies such as advanced stage design, video mapping, 3D illusion and interactivity to help bring the message home. 

Shell CEE 2017

Conference of Shell CEE held in Bratislava.

Coca - Cola 2017

Annual Coca-Cola conference for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Stage consisting of LED screen 12x5 metres, 4 moving head with projectors. Presentations prepared and operated mainly in Ventuz.

Business presentation MAFRA

VR Ready presentation

| Video 1

Business presentation XLAB

VR Ready presentation


Introduction of the new store concept


Conference of the insurance company

Engage Prague 2015 by Social Bakers

The world’s best social media business summit. Winner of European Best Event Award in the Conference category.

Winner of EUBEA. Agency: JAD Productions

Press reports here.

Photos from event | Video 1 | Video 2

Passa®t Party

VW Passat premiere show. Virtual presentation environment, videomapping on a car, X-RAY application.

Agency JCHP

Photos from event | Video 1

Adidas Brand Day

Company presentations supported by videomapping

Press reports here.

Engage New York

Social media conference presented by Social Bakers

Agency JAD Productions

AXA Conference

Annual conference of an insurance company with "virtual stage"

KKCG Event

Gala in Carlsbad with a huge panoramic projection

Photos from event


| Video 1

Gambrinus Rebirth

Presentation of a Czech brewery created fully in a 3D environment

Photos from event | Video 1

Samsung Conference

Presentation of a new product line

Photos from event

Mercedes Benz Launch

Official launch of a new car

Photos from event

Václav Havel Airport

Official renaming ceremony for the Prague airport

Photos from event | Video 1

Nokia Lumia

Presentation of a new product line

Photos from event | Video 1